Virtual Connexion | Media Training
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Make sure what you say counts whenever you are in the spotlight.

Our expert media trainers will prepare you for any media interview, crisis management situation or boardroom presentation.

In just one session, we can teach you how to become a confident media performer and how to effectively get your message across in even the toughest media interviews. In our program, real journalists ask you the questions and put you in front of the camera for realistic training. This ensures you are prepared for all major interviews.

We specialise in training for television, radio and newspaper interviews, group press conferences and impromptu door-stop interviews. We’ll also show you how to effectively use social media to enhance the reach of your business.

Our workshops are tailored to your needs and include options such as an intensive 2-hour media training, half-day sessions, a full-day course, specialised media training
 and tailored crisis management training.

If you’re interested, please let us know by contacting us through our form on the contact page.